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Skip Klunk Excellence in Safety Award

The Skip Klunk Excellence in Safety Award Nomination Guidelines

This very special award recognizes the outstanding performance of a Stella May Contracting, Inc.’s employee for fostering and promoting construction safety issues in the workplace. The winner will have received distinction through their dedication and commitment to safety in the workplace.

The Award

The winner will receive special recognition and an award to be presented at the annual Christmas Luncheon in December. The winner will receive a $500 Visa Gift Card.

Selection Criteria

The Skip Klunk Excellence in Safety Award is designed to recognize a Stella May Contracting, Inc.’s employee for their exceptional contribution to safety in the workplace. The criteria for the selection is as follows:

  • Reduction of accidents/incidents
  • Demonstrates leadership in safety
  • Identifies, evaluates & help to control hazards
  • Make suggestions for safety-conscious policies & procedures
  • Actively promotes safety in the workplace
  • Collaboratively & proactively works towards improving safety
  • Places a high personal value on safety
  • Mentors others in safety
  • Must have received a Safety Award for all four quarters (No Violations)


The winner will be chosen through a drawing from the nominees who qualify.


All employees of Stella May Contracting, Inc. are invited to nominate a fellow employee for the Skip Klunk Excellence in Safety Award. Each nomination should include a completed nomination form, with approval from Project Manager and Superintendent. Additional documentation with supporting information may be provided and may include:

  • Signed letters of support from co-worker, supervisors, etc.
  • Signed letters from outside supporters GC, Inspectors, Quality Safety Services, etc.

Past Winners of the Skip Klunk Safety Award

  • Rick Pillips, 2010
  • Sam Creel, 2010
  • Pat Wright, 2009
  • Roy Randow, 2008

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